Antalya Provincial Directorate for National Education

Antalya Provincial Directorate for National Education is a local public authority and in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-school education to the end of the secondary education in Antalya Province including 5 central and 14 provincial districts.

Instituto Secular "Hijas de la Natividad de María" - CPR Nuestra Sra del Carmen

CPR Plurilingüe Nuestra Sra del Carmen is a small school with 30 teachers and 353 students (from 3 to 18 years old) situated in Betanzos, a small village of around 13000 inhabitants in Galicia (north-west of Spain).We became accreditaed school and we have capacity to implement projects.We are a very experienced school both in Comenius and Erasmus+ projects because since 2010, we have been permanently implementing this kind of projects

Universidade Da Coruna

The University of A Coruña (UDC) is located in the city of the same name, in the northwest region of Spain called Galicia. The University of A Coruña is a public institution whose primary objective is the generation, management and dissemination of culture and scientific, technological and professional knowledge through the development of research and teaching. The University explicitly expresses its commitment to the study and the integral development of Galicia, including its social, cultural and linguistic identity.

Europe Route Education Youth Sports and Culture Assosiation

Europe Route Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Association (ERA) was founded as a democratic, secular, independent, youth-oriented, transpolitical, non-profit and non-governmental civil association focused mainly on education and training at European level. The idea in mind was carrying out cultural youth exchange projects, voluntary service, training courses, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, trips, competitions, camps and similar activities.

G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Limited

Eurosuccess Consulting is a Consulting & Training organization active in the field of project management training & consulting services. Through a dynamic team of young enthusiasts, with expertise in project management, research, training and educational development, EUROSC provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of various target groups, communities, as well as organizations and businesses, regarding their lifelong learning opportunities in Cyprus and abroad.


As a result of the rapid changes in science and technology in recent years, the demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields professionals is rapidly increasing. Last decades, politicians, business people, academics and educators faced with the young people’s declining interest in STEM fields. Therefore, we must consider how science education can meet young people's needs and how it can be meaningful and joyful for students.

STEM Education has gained enormous momentum in many countries in the last two decades. One of the main reasons for this interest is several Academicians and Educators state that STEM education could be a solution for developing students’ understanding of science and math meaningfully and make young learners technologically literate citizens as well as attract them to make a career in the STEM field. Due to the fact that STEM education provides these opportunities, the project created with the participation of academicians, teachers, educational leaders and local authorities to develop our teacher’s professional development in the STEM field.


  • The General objective of the project is to guide increasing Europeans’ interest and skills in STEM and to provide the schools with the necessary tools in order to engage their students, teachers and other actors, in related activities .

    In the line of this strategy regardless of background and abilities of the children, we aimed to improve our children’s “basic skills” as literacy, numeracy, science, and technology and “key competencies” as knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help learners to find personal fulfillment and, later in life, find work and take part in society .

    Main objectives are to increase students’ and teacher's interest in STEM education.


PR1 - STEM Guidebook For Teachers

Guidebook for teachers’ will meet staff' needs and published bilingually. The necessity for developing Teachers’ guide is based on the need of them to be empowered in order to shape the new idea and to be able to pass the message, educate, teach and orient efficiently their students.

The guidebook is a digital and pressed book that accompanies STEM teachers step by step through the process of teaching and learning stem education.

Target groups are the stem teachers, teachers , schools and finally students for a quality stem education.

PR2 - Stem Modules For Lesson And Activities Book

The “Teacher’s Guidebook in STEM Education” book will be created by the academicians and the educators in line with the teachers’ needs to develop effective learning modules/learning plans.

The book will contribute to teachers for developing STEM learning activities. The following disciplines will be covered in guidebook:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Other lessons by integrating stem competences

The objectives of guidebook:

  • to build capacity of trainers to transfer the stem skills to direct beneficiaries
  • to identify and present successful stem modules and activities derived by the experimentation phase in partner countries

News and Events

20 Nov 2022

1. TPM Meeting

1.TPM meeting has been held on 20 November 2022 at CPR Plurilingüe Nuestra Sra del Carmen school in Betanzos to review all the activities already don...

21-26 Nov 2022

1. LTT Activity

1.Learning, teaching and training activity has been held on 21-26 November 2022 with the host of La Coruna University.

28-29 August 2023

2. TPM Meeting

2.TPM meeting has been held on 28-29 August 2023 with the host of Antalya Directorate of National Education in Antalya to review all the activities al...